March 25th 2000

Haberkasten Mühldorf

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Chris Jagger, Charlie Hart, Ben Waters
Thursday, September 25th 2003, 8pm
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Chris Jagger concert

After the great Kufstein experience, the author travelled to Mühldorf in Bavaria, Germany for another ATCHA concert.
With some luck, I met the band for a short time before the show and was very surprised at how comfortable and nice it all felt and that they recognized me again and greeted me warmly. They were a little bit tired after a long trip from a concert the night before in Switzerland and more than 10 hours driving.
In the short time I met with Chris, I was pleasantly surprised at his interest in local tradition and people, as well as that he communicated fairly quite well in German. While walking home to our hotel late that night, by chance he passed us in his car and greeted us again.
The concert took place at Haberkasten, Mühldorf, an ancient granary, now cultural centre.
The audience of about 250 people was a little bit passive at first, but blazed up later during show...
Chris Jagger on washboard

Chris Jagger Muehldorf Ticket

The Setlist, March 25th, 2000:


- Baby Is Blue (CF)
- Steal The Time (A)
- Lhasa Town (A)
- Monique (CF)
- Blues ?
- Blues ?
- Cupboard Love ?
- Will Ya Want'Ya (A)
- Law Against It (CF)
- Rockin' All Night (A)
--- Break
- Green Thumb (A)
- Snow In The Mountain (A)
- Allons Joujette (A)
- Channel Fever (CF)
- Arms of Kari-Ann (CF)
- I Got Something On My Mind (Charlie Hart) (trad.)
- ?? (Ed Deane)
- The Repeat Of The Blues (unreleased)
- Cheatin' On Your Darlin' (A)
- C.J.'s Blues (CF)
- Rodeo (CF)
- Blow The Zydeco (A)
- Blanchishears (CF)

CF = Channel Fever, 1999
A = Atcha, 1994

Atcha 'Atcha' in concert, this photo taken early in the show

The concert started irregularly with the first two songs. This was due to the band's long trip to Bavaria, as well as a little distance they felt from the audience at the beginning. (Charlie).
With 'Lhasa Town', Chris's dramatic lyrics about modern problems in Tibet, the concert started to get it's dynamic pulse.
With "Monique" and the following Blues songs 'Atcha's' connection with the audience was felt by all, even if the people mostly shy about dancing at first. Similar to the author's previous show in Kufstein, Chris invited the audience to come closer to the stage, to dance and have fun with the band, a rather impressive charm typical for 'Atcha'.
During the second part of the show, 'Allons Joujette' from the album 'Atcha' and 'Channel Fever', the title track from the new album, were rather impressive. Then came Chris 's song about his wife 'Kari-Ann', with Charlie Hart and Ed Deane giving two great solo appearances.
During the last third of the show, all the audience was completely caught up in 'Atcha's' rhythm, carried to the extreme by the GREAT 'Rodeo' from the new album 'Channel Fever'. During this song Chris danced with the girls in the audience, while Charlie played his fiddle to the extreme.
It was more than obvious that 'Atcha' inspired the audience when they begged for two encores. Everyone wished the show would last longer.

Charlie Hart Charlie Hart - played rather impressively on accordion and later on fiddle !

Chris Jagger Chris Jagger

Charlie Hart Charlie Hart - great person with cool british humour and sharp jokes

Ed Deane Ed Deane - brilliant guitarist

Paul Emile Paul Emile on bass and backing vocals

Malcolm Mortimer Malcolm Mortimer on the drums

Chris Jagger and Ed Deane Chris Jagger and Ed Deane

Chris Jagger Chris Jagger on harp

Chris Jagger Chris Jagger on washboard

Charlie Hart Charlie Hart - playing wonderfully on fiddle

Charlie Hart Charlie Hart - during "I Got Something On My Mind"

Atcha Atcha Atcha during the great 'Rodeo'
© by Wolfgang Morscher

Chris Jagger and Claudia Kazelor Chris played and danced among audience, here shown with Claudia...

Chris Jagger and Wolfgang Morscher The author, Chris, Charlie and Harald Haas

Chris, thanks again for this great show, we wait for your next gigs !

Lot of Thanks for the contribution of these great pictures to Harald Haas
© on photos Harald Haas

From Kufstein To Muhldorf From Kufstein to Muhldorf
unofficial audience recording
limited edition of 50
2 CD-R set, cover not finished yet...

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