Chris Jagger, Charlie Hart, Ben Waters
Thursday, September 25th 2003, 8.30 pm


Location: Innsbruck, Treibhaus, see: (klick on "kontakt" bottom right for travel map).
admission price: 10 €

Chris Jagger is a talented and witty songsmith and an energetic performer. Ben Waters is an exceptionally gifted pianist and accordionist and Charlie Hart is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Their collaboration stretches back over the last ten years: in the U.S. they have appeared on NBC Late Night Live with Conan O'Brian and at the Bottom Line in New York. In Europe there have been numerous TV shows, festivals, theatre and club dates. They have worked with the likes of Dave Stewart, Leo Sayer, Dave Gilmour and Mick Jagger. In 1994 they released the CD 'From Lhasa to Lewisham' under the name Atcha Acoustic, and have also contributed to Chris' other albums.

They now come back together as the Chris Jagger Trio, sharpened and focused after a couple of years lay-off. The music is playful yet serious: a striking mix constantly referring to New Orleans, Cajun, Blues traditions and characterised by intelligent song-writing and instrumental virtuosity.


Chris Jagger

Charlie Hart

Ben Waters

Sound Samples:
Charlie Hart
(Disorder on the border,
Ricard, Watkins and Hart)

Ben Waters
(Ben Waters on piano,
Melting Pot Boogie...

Chris Jagger Trio, Innsbruck, September 25, 2003


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