September 15th

Today's Song: Respectable

From Today's Single:

September 15th, 1963: concert at Great Pop Prom, Royal Albert Hall, London
concert at Crawdaddy Club, Athletic Ground, Richmond, Surrey
September 15th, 1964: two shows at Odeon Theatre, Manchester, Lancashire
September 15th, 1965: concert at Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany
September 15th, 1978: "Respectable" is released
September 15th, 1981: "Unannounced" small club show in which the Stones, billed as "The Cockroaches and Blue Sunday" warm up for the upcomming tour at Sir Morgan's Cove, Worcester, MA, USA. A radio station announced the gig anyway, which made some trouble outside the club. 11 people have been arrested.
September 15th, 1991: Charlie Watts Quintet plays three evenings in Spiral Hall, Tokyo
September 15th, 1994: concert at Mile High Stadium, Denver

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