September 14th

Today's Song: Let's Work

From Today's Album:

September 14th, 1963: concert at Ritz Ballroom, Kingsheath, Birmingham, Warwickshire
concert at Plaza Theatre, Oldhill, Birmingham, Warwickshire
September 14th, 1964: two shows at ABC Theatre, Chester, Cheshire
September 14th, 1965: two shows at Circus Krone, Munich, Germany
September 14th, 1970: concert at the Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany
September 14th, 1981: warm-up show in Sir Morgan's Cave Club, Worcester, Massachusetts under the pseudonym of "Blue Monday and the Cockroaches". 4000 fans try to get into the 350 capacity club
September 14th, 1987: Mick's solo album "Primitive Cool" is released
September 14th, 1989: concert Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio

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