July 31st

Today's Song: Cocksucker Blues

July 31st, 1963: concert at Eal Pie Island, Twickenham, Middlesex
July 31st, 1964: concert at Ulster Hall, Belfast, North Ireland
concert at Flamingo Ballroom, Ballymena, North Ireland
July 31st, 1970: The Stones have to deliver one more song for the expiring contract with Decca records. They present "Cocksucker Blues", with crude lyrics, which was hard to release. Decca-Germany released it at Christmas 1984, but it was immediately withdrawn. Today the "Cocksucker Blues" is found on a lot of bootlegs, like the above shown shape-CD.
July 31st, 1973: Keith's house in West Wittering, Redlands is very badly damaged in a fire. Keith rebuild it to the original plans.
July 31st, 1975: concert at the Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina
July 31st, 1990: concert in Praterstadium, Vienna, Austria. 55.190 people experience high temperature and a great concert. The author of this calendar in audience.
July 31st, 1998: concert at Nya Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden

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