July 12th

Today's Song: Suck On The Jugular

July 12th, 1962: first Rolling Stones concert ! (of course, there is some scientific and historical discussion about that date...)
July 12th, 1963: concert at Twickenham Design College, Eal Pie Island, Twickenham, Middlesex
Marquee Jazz Club, London, without Bill and Charlie
July 12th, 1964: two shows at Queen Hall, Leeds, Yorkshire
July 12th, 1966: concert at Kiel Convention Hall, St Louis, Missouri
July 12th, 1975: concert at Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California
July 12th, 1982: concert at Stadio Communale, Turin, Italy
July 12th, 1992: Charlie Watts Quintet plays at Theater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pensylvania
July 12th, 1994: the album "Voodoo Lounge" is released

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