July 11th

Today's Song: Mixed Emotions

July 11th, 1963: concert at Scene Club, London
July 11th, 1964: concert at Spa Royal Hall, Bridlington, Yorkshire
July 11th, 1966: concert at Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas
July 11th, 1972: concert at Rubber Bowl, Akron, Ohio
July 11th, 1975: concert at Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, California
July 11th, 1978: concert at Checkerdome, St. Louis, Missouri
July 11th, 1982: concert at Stadio Communale, Turin, Italy
July 11th, 1989: The Rolling Stones announce the Steel Wheels Tour on a train in New York's Grand Central Station. Mick gave the press a taste of "Mixed Emotions" on a little boom box. On the above picture disk some cuts are documented.
July 11th, 1995: concert at Wembley Stadium, London
July 11th, 1998: concert at Airfield Wiener Neustadt, Vienna, Austria

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