June 14th

Today's Song: All Down The Line

June 14th, 1963: concert at Ricky Tick Club, Star and Garter Pub, Windsor, Berkshire
June 14th, 1964: concert at Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan
June 14th, 1972: concert at Civic Arena, Tucson, Arizona
June 14th, 1975: concert at Municipial Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio
June 14th, 1978: concert at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey; the above album was recorded at that show
June 14th, 1982: concert at Hippodrome d'Auteil, Paris, France
June 14th, 1987: the Charlie Watts Orchestra plays at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California
June 14th, 1990: second show at Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, Spain
June 14th, 1995: second show at Park De Goffert, Nujmegen, Netherlands

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