June 13th

Today's Song: We Love You

June 13th, 1963: The Daily Mirror is the first English newspaper to dedicate one exclusive page to the Rolling Stones.
June 13th, 1964: concert at Music Hall, Omaha, Nebraska
June 13th, 1969: Mick Taylor joins the group
June 13th, 1972: concert at International Sports Arena, San Diego, California
June 13th, 1976: concert at Parc des Sports, Nice, France
June 13th, 1982: concert at Hippodrome d'Auteuil, Paris, France
June 13th, 1987: Charlie Watts Orchestra plays at Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California
June 13th, 1990: first of two concerts at Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, Spain. These shows are later broadcasted on several european TV stations
June 13th, 1995: concert at Park De Goffert, Nujmegen, Netherlands
June 13th, 1997: press agencies and newspapers report 4th child being expected by Mick and Jerry
June 13th, 1998: concert at Zeppelinfeld, Nürnberg, Germany; first concert of the Europe 1998 tour, after several concerts had to be postponed before

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