Bridges To Babylon
Promotional Picture Disc Edition
1997, Virgin Records 7243-8-44909-2-8

Out Of Control - Album Radio Edit 3.38
Out Of Control - In Hand With Fluke (radio edit) 4.30
limited edition Nr 2891
1998, Virgin Records VSY 1700 7234 8 95158 7 9 LC 3098

Saint Of Me
Anyway You Look At It
limited edition Nr 3375
1998, Virgin Records VSY 1667 7234 8 94750 7 4

Anybody Seen My Baby
limited edition Nr 2548
1998, Virgin Records VS 1653

Brown Sugar
1984, EMI, Sugar P1A/B

i go wild
No: 008319 of a limited Edition of 10.000
Virgin VSP 1539

She Was Hot
1984, EMI Records, RSRP 114 B

The Rolling Stones
First official picture disc, produced in France
Decca 30 010

Their Satanic Majesties Request

Non-official picture-discs:

When The Whip Goes Down
7", live in Detroit, Michigan, July 6, 1978

Cock Sucker Blues
093 /100 copies

Club Edition - Stereo - 25 084
Decca 0 47112-0025084

Press Conference, Grand Central
Station New York, 1989
STONES 10P, Side 1.6'29", Side 2.7'09"
Made in England

Vol. 1
limited Edition - 300 Copies only

Vol. 2
limited Edition - 300 Copies only

Majestic Beginning
The Amazing Magic Dwarf

Rare Recordings from past to present

Rolling Stones - Rarities
Metal Biter VR001

After-Math & Out Of Time

After-Math & Out Of Time

In Action
74 307 PI3

Beautiful Delilah

Lonely at the top

The Rolling Stones Golden Album

1973 Interviews
England, R.S. 1-84

Rape of the Vaults

Sticky Fingers
with "Sister Morphine" and different "Brown Sugar"

International Music Meeting 1989
The Rolling Stones Live In 1965
limited edition of 1000 copies
Document Records DR 702

Berlin 90

Time Is On My Side
The Swingin' Pig, TSP-007/SH

Beat Beat Beat

Roll Over Beethoven
1989, Swingin' Pig Records TSP-003/SH

Who are The Stones

Mick Jagger Interview
Limited Edition,Baktabak Records, BAK 2068

Interview Picture Disk
Limited Edition,1987, RS2023

Precious Stones
Limited Edition Picture Disc
pressed on clear vinyl
Silhouette Music, S.M.-10005
An exclusive interview with the Rolling Stones by Ed Rudy
At Kennedy Airport, Queens, New York on october 19th, 1965

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