A Life On The Road
by The Rolling Stones
Interviews by Jools Holland and Dora Loewenstein
hardcover, more than 280 pages
wonderful impressive book !
1998, Schirmer / Mosel, ISBN 3-88814-922-3

1975 Tour Of The Americas
Official Tour Program

1973 Tour In Hawaii
Official Tour Program

European Tour '82
Official Tour Programme

American Tour '81
Official Tour Programme

Rolling Stones Steel Wheels
North American Tour 1989

Rolling Stones
Urban Jungle Europe 1990

World Tour 1994/95
Official Tour Programme

Rolling Stones
Bridges To Babylon World Tour 1997/98

The Rolling Stones
Impressions 98 / 99
49 pages with photos of the Bridges To Babylon World Tour 1998/99
photos by Paul Natkin, Kevin Mazur, Albert Ferreira and Mikio Ariga
including 6 posters
© Promotour Inc, Under License to DNA, Dist. by I.A.M.

A Trip through the Voodoo Lounge Tour 1994-95
in box together with arm-wrist
© 1995 UFO Music Books Ltd

Images of the World Tour 1989-1990
Text by David Fricke and Robert Sandall

Let's sped the night together
The Rolling Stones in Hamburg und Bremen
published by Thorsten Schmidt
with photos by Friedhelm von Estorff
bilingual German / English
© 1998 Kultur Buch Bremen, ISBN: 3-9804670-5-8

Olaf Boehme, Gerd Coordes
The Rolling Stones
Fruit Of The Loom Tour
Licks World Tour 2002/03
Forword by Chris Jagger

© 2005 Olaf Boehme & Gerd Coordes,
ISBN: 3-8334-2857-0

Axel Schollmeier
The Rolling Stones
Das legendäre erste Deutschland-Konzert in Münster am 11. September 1965
Fotos von Willi und Wolfgang Hänscheid
Herausgegeben vom Stadtmuseum Münster

© 2005 Stadtmuseum Münster; Aschendorf Verlag GmbH & Co KG, Münster.
ISBN: 3-402-00394-5

The Rolling Stones In Concert
The Early Days, Their European Concerts And The Latest Highly Acclaimed American Tour
Text by Linda Martin
Produced by Ted Smart and David Gibbon
Colour Library Books
© 1982 Colour Library International, ISBN: 0-86283-007-9

Deutschland '82

V Praze
some photos from the 1990 Prague concert; meal with president Havel;
in cziech; combined with some photos of "The Cure";

The Rolling Stones
in Europe

Photographs by Philip Kamin
Text by James Karnbach
© 1983 by Philip Kamin and James Karnbach
Musson, Ontario

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