4 stamps as part of a block:

Keith Richards, 0.55 Euro, Austria 2003
Mick Jagger, 0.55 Euro, Austria 2003
Charlie Watts, 0.55 Euro, Austria 2003
Ron Wood, 0.55 Euro, Austria 2003

Circulation: 1.000.000
Photos: Philip Bajo, Helmuth Schöpf
Issue date: June 18th, 2003

Republic of Austria

Rolling Stones Stamp block, Republic of Austria 2003

The Rolling Stones stamp, Austria 2003
postmarked with "First day" and "Rolling Stones" on June 18th 2003 in Vienna
Keith Richards: "What a fantastic idea!"
Ron Wood: "Cool idea, these are all endangered animals!"
(Comments at the stamp handing-over to the band members on June 18th, 2003)
At you can ORDER ONLINE the block set of the stamps for each 2,20 € (=2,20 us$) with and without simple postmark (not the Tongue!) until sold out, wich is expected within some days (400 000 sold on reservation before official release!)
(please contact the service)
The Tongue-postmark was available only in Austria on June 18th 2003 and from now via highly limited CD order, see below:

Forty Licks Hardback Edition

You can order at the "Forty Licks Exclusive Hardback Edition" with one set of stamps postmarked with "First day" and "Rolling Stones" on June 18th 2003 in Vienna.
From point of music the CD is the same than the regular "Forty Licks", but includes alternative archive photographs.
The Austria-CD-release is limited to 8250 exclusive sold by, but it seems possible, other amounts might be offered in other European countries for other specials.
(Take care when you open this package, the Post sticker easily damages the cover!)
Background information:

- Austria's stamps belong to the most valuable stamps in the world. They are printed at highest technical standard, their edition is strictly limited on the circulation.
- The Rolling Stones stamp is the first stamp in Austria's stamp history (since 1850) in many aspects:

- it is the first stamp in history with living persons on it, besides the Pope or the president.
- it is the first stamp of the Rolling Stones and is personally authorised by the group.
(first stamp in a Universal Postal Union acknowledged country, Rolling Stones fake-stamps exist from fantasy-countries)
- it is the first stamp in history that uses the word "Austria" (instead of "Österreich")
- it is the second stamp in history which has an actual photo on it (first one was Marcel Prawy on April 25th, 2003).

- The four stamps represent 0.55 Euro each, so that's their cost - at least as long as they are on sale. After sellout, which is expected in some days, their value might change...
- The stamps of course can be used for letters etc, but only within Austria or from Austria to all countries of the world.

- The stamps are (at least until sellout) one of the cheapest souvenirs of the Rolling Stones and one of the few souvenirs the band members have at home too.

official description of the Rolling Stones stamp in german and english
4 pages, description of the stamp and "Die Rolling Stones in Österreich / The Rolling Stones in Austria" by Wolfgang Morscher
issued by - this is probable the cheapest printed publication on the Rolling Stones ever, it costs 38 cents (=38 US-cents) and is available ONLY via email to service.
Rolling Stones Briefmarkenmappe
Cover of the folder the stamps were presented to the band!
(they ordered more than 100 stamps each, Keith some more...)
This folder was available for 5 € (=5 us$) at the tent at the Ernst Happel stadium on June 18th, 2003.

The folder is now (since July 31st 2003) available at in a limited edition of 1000 pieces!
Before the Vienna show on June 18th only 75 folders were sold (due to the stamps without folder had half the price), 200 folders were given to the Rolling Stones management and Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie ordered privately about 700 folders.
Together with the public sale now, this edition seems to be limited on about 2 000 prints. I don't know the exact edition at the moment, but anyway, it seems to be one of the only souvenirs, the band members have at home too, as it presents highest appreciation from Austria possible (and it was definitely highest appreciation in history, see above)
The folder is in fact rather impressive, the wrapping is like a book. Rather cool Rolling Stones pictures from Austria used for the stamps.

Advertising Flyer Rolling Stones stamp
Advertising-flyer for the stamps from June 18th 2003.
The stamp-T-shirts by are unfortunately NOT on sale by, even if the band members ordered some.
A signed T-shirt by the band members will go on auction in autumn 2003 for the benefit of social services.
The first ever letter sent with a Rolling Stones stamp!
(from post office 5000 Salzburg via post office 6020 Innsbruck, June 10th 2003)
Almost all letters I tried to send the days before release of the stamp unfortunately have been stolen on their way due to their high philatelic value...
(Anyway don't use the stamps for important documents to deliver, as the stamps are of high philatelic value, some letters might dissapear on their way).
The Rolling Stones on tour - the first ever blockset on it's way!
(from post office 5000 Salzburg via post office 6020 Innsbruck, June 11th 2003)
Looks rather cool.
Another philatelic rarity:
The post office 6020 Innsbruck recognised the stamp as not valid before June 18th 2003 - hence they placed on June 11th a special wave-postmark "not depreciated" on it.

Rumor from told me, soldout will happen more than fast ...
Commemorative stamp issues in Austria NEVER receive a second edition!
My honest advise is to order definitely soon ...

Please note, that this is private information from a collector's site!
I have no relation to and

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