The Rolling Stones Songbook
959 pages, 155 songs with notes, german translations,
© 1977 Zweitausendeins Verlag

The Rolling Stones Anthology
Piano - Vocal - Guitar
1994 EMI Music Publishing, Hal Leonard, ISBN 0-7935-3648-0

Early Stones
...In The Beginning
ca 1974, ARC Music Corp., Warner Bros

The Rolling Stones File
words and music to 20 great hits, plus short biographies
Essex Music Sales, ISBN 0.86001.245.X

The Rolling Stones Stripped
all the tracks from the album arranged for piano, voice & guitar
© 1995 Wise Publications, ISBN 0-7119-5560-3

You + The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones for guitar
eight songs, with CD,
track 1-8: full instrumental performance
track 9-16: backing tracks only
© 1995 Wise Publications, ISBN 0-7119-3310-3

Rolling Stones, Volume primo
italien paperbook, 255 pages, songs plus italien translations
© 1983 Arcana Editrice, ISBN 88-85008-55-0

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