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It's All Over Now
/ Tell Me
1964, Decca Germany, DL 25 144

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow ?
/ Who's Driving Your Plane
1966, Decca Germany, DL 25 265

Jumpin' Jack Flash
/ Child of the Moon
1968, Decca Germany, DL 25 340

It's Only Rock'n'Roll
/ Through The Lonely Nights
1974, WEA Germany, RS 19114

Klingende Post
Decca promotional record with excerpts of various released discs
"Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in The Shadow" excerpt
promotional label, record dealer address on it
Decca, 1966, T75 405

Stars und ihre Hits
Der Rundfunk kann nicht alle senden
Sie aber sollten sie kennen
Decca promotional record with excerpts of various released discs
announcer and "Paint It Black" excerpt
Decca, August 1966, T75 375

Klingende Post
Decca promotional record with excerpts of various released discs
"Off The Hook" excerpt
promotional label, record dealer address on it
Decca, 1965, T74 825

Sympathy For The Devil
Prodigal Son
Veronica's favorite choice
extremely rare dutch sleeve of pirate radio station "Veronica"
© Decca records 1968, 6103 066, Holland; released 1972

Emotional Rescue - 5:38
c/w Down In The Hole - 3:55
Vente Interdite Au Public / réservé au Juke-Box
Une nouvelle production REAL par les Glimmer Twins
Ingénieur et producteur associé: Chris Kimsey
1980, Promotone B.V.
fabriqué et distribué en France par
Emi, Pathe Marconi, France, 2 C 008-63974

Out Of Control
a side - Bi-Polar At The Controls - 5.10
b side - Bi-Polar Outer Version - 5.09
written by M. Jagger & K. Richards
Produced by Don Was and The Glimmer Twins
Recorded by John X Volaitis and Dan Bosworth
Assistant Engineers: John Sorenson and Alan Sanderson
Mixed by Wally Gagel, assisted by Alan Sanderson
Remixed by Bi-Polar
Published by Promoub B.V. (PRS)
1998 Virgin Benelux B.V., VSP 1700 LC 3098 Side B Promo use only

The promotional only single "Angie/Cherry oh baby" (promo 6) was available only as freebie with "spettacoli e societÓ" italian magazine n.13 year II may 1976 relased on 21 April 1976
the single comes with b/w picture cover and with a short essay on back ...(taken from Luca Accialini book "worldwide discography" section Italy) this's an italian only promotional relased.. the usual normal single was the wellknown "Angie/Silver train"(1973)and in 1976 "Fool To Cry/Crazy Mama" It's a very rare record now, also in Italy is difficult to find, because was disponible only for a short period (30 days) together the magazine.
Thanks to Cecco !

Fan Club Interview Single 1983
for promotional use only
1983, Musidor B.V.

ain't too proud to beg
/ dance little sister
1974, Promotone B.V., France, RS 19 116

Star Star
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
RS 19108

Tumbling Dice
Sweet Black Angel
RS 19103

Fool To Cry
Crazy Mama
RS 19121

Honky Tonk Women
You can't always get what you want
July 1969, Decca, DL 25 380
London 882 158-7

Waiting On a Friend
Little T & A
1981, RSR 109

Waiting On a Friend
Little T & A
US edition
1981, Promotone RS 21004

Silver Train
1973, V1: RS 19 105
V2: Silver Train / Angie RS-19105 (rare !)

Brown Sugar
RS 19 100

I Wanna Be Your Man/
London 882 132-7

Little Queenie/
Love In Vain
Decca F 22903

Let It Rock (Live At Leeds)
Blow With Ry
Kinney Music RS 19 102X

She Was Hot
I Think I Am Going Mad
1983, 1984 EMI, 2000427

Sad Day
You Can't Always Get What You Want
1973, Decca, DL 25576

have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadow ?
/ Who's Driving Your Plane ?
1966 Decca records, France, 79.003

Let's Spend The Night Together
/ Ruby Tuesday
1967 Decca records, France, 79005

mother's little helper
/ Lady Jane
/ Paint It Black
/ Long Long While
1966 Decca records, France, 457.122 M

Little Queenie
Love in Vain
1970, London 882 160-7

Got Life If You Want it
© 1965, Decca Mono DFE 8620
Side One:
We Want The Stones, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Pain In My Heart, Route 66
Side Two:
I'm Moving On, I'm Alright
3rd Edition 1982

One Hit to the Body
1986, CBS 111

Ruby Tuesday (Live)
Play With Fire (Live)
1991, Sony 656892 7

Jumpin Jack Flash
Tumbling Dice
1991, Sony 657597 7

Single Edit /
Dirty Hands Mix
1991, Sony 657334 7

Rock and a hard Place /
Cook Cook Blues
1989, CBS 655422 7

sad sad sad /
blinded by love
1990, CBS 656197 7

Almost Hear You Sigh /
Break the Spell
1989, CBS 655981 7

terrifying /
wish i'd never met you
1989, CBS 655661 7

Undercover of the night
All the Way down
1983, Promotone 1654427

Emotional Rescue
Down in the Hole
1980, Promotone 006-63 974

Mixed Emotions
Fancyman Blues
1989, CBS 655193 7

Harlem Shuffle
Had it with You
1986, CBS A-6864

Send it to me
She's so Cold
1980, EMI 006-64 081

She's so Cold
Send it to me
1980, Warner RS 21001

Going to a Go Go (Live)
Beast of Burdon (Live)
1981, EMI 006-64820

Just my Imagination
1978, EMI 006-61 742

Out of Tears
Out of Tears
I'm Gonna Drive
1994, Virgin NR-38459

Start Me Up
Mono / Stereo Promotional Copy
1981, Promotone RS 21003

The Under-Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Decca 6.11166

other 7"-singels, without scan of cover:

Anybody Seen My Baby ? (LP edit) - (4.08)
(Mike Jagger/K. Richards/k.d. lang/B. Mink)
/ Anybody Seen My Baby ? (Soul Solution Remix Edit) - (4.23)
(Mike Jagger/K. Richards/k.d. lang/B. Mink)
Jukebox single
Note the "Mike"...
P 1995, © 1996, © 1997 Virgin Records Ltd VSLH 1653

Saint Of Me (Radio edit) - (4.08)
(Mike Jagger/K. Richards)
/ Anyway You Look At It - (4.18)
(Mike Jagger/K. Richards)
Jukebox single
P 1998, © 1997, © 1998 Virgin Records Ltd VSLH 1667

Saint Of Me (Single edit) - (4.08)
/ Anyway You Look At It - (4.18)
P 1998, Virgin Benelux, © 1998 Promotone B.V.

Miss You
Far Away Eyes
V1: 1978, EMI 2802
V2: 1978, EMI 61 201
V3: 1978, Atco RS 19307 (promotional copy)

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
(M. Jagger & K. Richard) 3:27
The Rolling Stones 1973
Edizione per JUKE BOX, Lato 1
Tubular Bells
(Mike Oldfield) 4:15
Mike Oldfield 1974
Edizione per JUKE BOX, Lato 2
Virgin Italy, J. B. 54

2000 Light Years From Home (Live)
1991, Sony 656756 7

Come On (Berry)
/ I Want To Be Loved (Dixon)
Released: June 7, 1963
first Rolling Stones single release !
1963, Decca Record Co Ltd, F. 11675

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