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A Special Radio Promotion Album
In Limited Edition
London RSD-1
The crown jewels of vinyl...
More Details and Tracklisting

2 LP, German compilation
© 1981, Decca records Germany, 6.28546

Greatest Hits
very rare compilation, first Dutch only pressing !
rare cover photo - Charlie Watts with moustache
© 1964, Decca records, 5th edition 1970, Netherlands, 6835 110

20 Super Hits
by The Rolling Stones
© 1978, Decca records, Germany, 6.23502

Stone Age
© 1971, Nova records, Germany, SLK 16 702-P

The Unstoppable Stones
Australasia Record
1969 Decca Records, LKM 6004

Best Of The Rolling Stones
Finnish Compilaition
1980 Decca Records Finland, RSTV 1

25 Jahre Stern
Stern - Report, Musik- und Zeitgeschichte
1948 - 1973
Promotional and Limited Copy
2 LP, rare print for special 'friends' only
with "Brown Sugar" on Mick's recommendation
© 1973, by bigger record companies at that time

The Rolling Stones
5 LP box
Tracklisting and Cover-details
Decca Records France, RS 30.001 / 005

The Rolling Stones
Limited Edition Collectors Item
EMI Records Australia, RS.3006

lo mejor de the rolling stones
2LP, 1972, Decca records Spain, SKL 30514/5

This compilation, to which the Stones contributed the song "Surprise Surprise" was released by Decca in 1965 with all profits and artist's royalities donated to the Lord Taverner's National Playing fields Association.
1965, Decca mono, LK 4695

No Stone Unturned
compilation with some rare B-sides
1973, Decca, SKL 5173

Aftermath, special edition Italy
This italian Aftermath is the 1967 original mono pressing (Decca Italy pressed only mono records up to 1969), record and cover fully made in Italy, the back cover is translated into italian language.
The red italian mono label shows the usual UK catalogue number plus an -I that's Italy decca code.
The record is collectible expecially for the strip on top the left corner ("In this lp the famous goin' home of 11'35")
The stripe was removed from the covers of the italian re-issues.
Tracklisting and details
1967, Decca records Italy, LK - 1 4786

Parade der Super STARS
?, Germany

Latest Greatest
1980, Tonpress, Poland, SX-T8

Five By Five
Japanese 12" release 1982
mono record, with condom packed in the red corner
"naked man" disc label
Tracklisting and Label-details
1982, London records Japan, L15P-5002

Beat Beat Beat
© 1965 Decca records, Hi-Fi 60368
Decca Sonderauflage, 10" size
July 1965
special Austrian and German release, withdrawn in December 1967
max 2000 copies pressed
sold to "Bertelsmann" - club members only
one of the most collectable vinyls !

Schlager schlagen ein
Special German Compilation
Hörzu Teldec Electrola Gemeinschaftsproduktion
SHZT 523 Stereo

Let It Bleed
Special German Cover
Aktuelle Express - Ausgabe
was available only a short time
Decca SLK 16640-P

Bravo Rolling Stones
Special German Club Edition

Bravo Rolling Stones
Special German Club Edition
reprint 1982, note the white "HÖRZU" emblem

play with fire
Special Russian Edition Nr 4
© 1988 Melodia records, Moskau

lady jane
Special Russian Edition Nr 5
© 1988 Melodia records, Moskau

all together
Special Russian Edition Nr 12
© 1989 Melodia records, Moskau

Let It Bleed
drawn cover !
Special St. Petersburg Edition
© 1992 Aufon, St. Petersburg

Sticky Fingers
Special St. Petersburg Edition
© 1992 Aufon, St. Petersburg

Special Australian Edition
© 1976 Decca records, Australia, SCA.005

Rock'n' Rolling Stones
Special German Edition
© 1972 Teldec records, SLK 16781-P

Rock'n' Rolling Stones
Special England Edition
© 1972 Decca records, SKL 5149

Time Waits For No One
Anthology 1971 - 1977
released in some European countries only
© 1977 WEA records, COC 59 107

Great Hits
Special German Edition
© 1972 Teldec records, Decca ND 265

The Rolling Stones
Special German Democratic Republic (DDR) Edition
© 1982 Amiga records, Stereo 8 55 885

Teldec Christmas present 1977 for selected customers only
various artists, Rolling Stones with "Satisfaction"
limited edition of 1978 copies
Teldec Germany 66.28020, 2 LP's

The Rolling Stones Story - Volume 1
Special German Club Edition in Cooperation with "Bertelsmann Club Center"
3 LP Set of "The Rolling Stones", "Around And Around" and "Let It Bleed"
Released October 1982, TELDEC Club Edition 29 493 4

The Rolling Stones Story - Volume 2
Special German Club Edition in Cooperation with "Bertelsmann Club Center"
3 LP Set of "The Rolling Stones No.2", "Between The Buttons" and "Out Of Our Heads"
Released January 1983, TELDEC Club Edition 29 501 4

profile - The Rolling Stones
Special German edition
Teldec Decca 6.24001

The Rolling Stones - 1965/70
Special Italian edition
Philips 6495 098

The Rolling Stones, Big Hits
Special German extra edition
Decca 28 325-9

The Rolling Stones, Big Hits
(High Tide & Green Grass)
Special Hungarian edition
1983, Decca bravo SLPXL 17831

Rolling Stones, Greatest Hits
Special Canadian edition
1977, Abkco records, TA-1088

The Rolling Stones, Satisfaction
Special German edition
1979, Decca 6.24159

Historia Della Musica Rock
The Rolling Stones
Special Spain edition
1981, Decca 9 - 47 000

Story Of The Stones
30 Orginal Greats by the Rolling Stones
UK edition
1982, K-tel records, NE 1201

Die 30 Größten Hits
in Orignalaufnahmen
2 LP
1977 Arcade Records Deutschland ADE G27

have you seen your mother LIVE
Decca SKL 4838
Pressed in UK for export only

got LIVE if you want it !
Decca 6.22429

Gimme Shelter
Songs From The Rolling Stones Movie
© 1971 Nova-Decca records 6.23086

In Concert
© 1981 Decca 6.28565

The Rolling Stones
including Mick Jagger Poster
© 1964 Decca records
5th edition 1970 of Germany's 1st Rolling Stones LP
reworked live photo sleeve on backside

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