Sympathy For The Collector Part 2

Westwood One, Rarities on CD Vol. 59

#1 "The Rocky Road To Dublin (Traditional)" - (5:09)
The Chieftaines and the Rolling Stones

#2 "Sexdrive (Dirty Hands Mix)" - (4:47)
Remixed by M. Brauer and produced by Chris Kimsey in 1991

#3 "I Go Wild (Live)" - (6:36)
Recorded in Miami, Fl. on Nov. 25th by D. Hewitz

#4 "Love Is Stong (Teddy Riley Extended Rock Mix)" - (4:53)
Remixed by T.R. and S. Williams at Future Records Studio Virginia Beach, Va.

#5 "You Got Me Rocking (Perfecto Mix)" - (5:07)
Remixed by Paul Ohkenfold and Steve Osborne

#6 "Jump On Top Of Me" - (4:30)
Available only as bonus track on "You Got Me Rocking"

#7 "Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix)" - (6:42)
Remixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbieri at Media Sound, N.Y.

#8 "Rock And A Hard Place (Dancing Mix)" - (6:59)
Remixed by Don Was and Michael Brauer

#9 "Dancing In The Street (Long Mix)" - (4:43)
Remixed by St. Thompson and Michael Barbiero at Media Sound, N.Y.

#10 "Too Much Blood (Main Vocal Mix)" - (8:52)
Remixed by Chris Kimsey

#11 "Out Of Tears (Don Was Edit)" - (4:26)
Remixed by Don Smith

#12 "I'm Gonna Drive (Edit)" - (3:48)
Remixed by Bob Clearmountain

#13 "Sparks Will Fly (Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit)" - (3:17)

#14 "Cocksucker Blues (Hard Version)" - (3:27)
Orig. entitled Schoolboy Blues. So far unreleased version