"I havent fucked the past but i've fucked plenty with the future."

Patti Smith, Innsbruck, Austria, 16 Aug 2002

There isn't much to happen during summer in a city that always prepares for winter-olympic games, that happened many years ago.
But there has been one very rare exception: One of the most remarkable writers of US passed Innsbruck, the day Elvis died 25 years ago and the Rolling Stones did their warm up-gig for their next tour in Toronto. Seems they really love Elvis in US, because we heard him from Pattis Bus rather loud before the show, so this evening had to start with "Jailhouse Rock", of course.

But when Patti came on stage, we knew, that were lyrics from the past, but power in the presence. And that was the unspeakable moment of that evening, Patti came and the whole audience about 800 people felt the power, she gave to all, really all, of the people at the concert-hall.


like always
Lenny Kaye

Tony Shanahan
the Elvis of the band

Jailhouse Rock
Dead City
Redondo Beach
Free Money
Southern Cross
Dancing Barefoot
Summer Cannibals
Not Fade Away
Because the Night
People Have the Power

Cant Help Falling
Rock N Roll Nigger

Wild Card
Love Me

Patti Smith Innsbruck




When walking home, by chance, the author met Patti after the Innsbruck-show, when she relaxed walking in the air. The author obvioulsy didn't want to disturb her and only stopped walking 5 meters away, but Patti came to the author and his friend and started a rather nice talk.

K.W (obviously surprised...).: "Hello...Great show! Thank you very much for this wonderful evening!"
PS: (giving a wonderful present, picture below)
W.M: "Thank you very much! Wonderful! May I ask you to sign my records?"
P.S.: "Oh, what's that?"
W.M.: "A bootleg from your Philadelphia 1978 show..."
P.S.: "I remember, my mother was there! What a great show! I love Philadelphia!"
P.S: "I am really tired. That was a great show here in Innsbruck. And my son is playing with me. Have you seen him?"
W.M.:"We liked him a lot. But you seemed to enjoy it, too?"
PS: "Yeah, this show was definitely fun. Great audience! And by the way, you have a nice place here, lot of nature - we miss that in New York."
K.W: "Is this the last show you played in Europe?"
P.S: "Tomorrow we go for a last show to Switzerland."
KW: "Then you go back to New York?"
PS: "Yes, the day after that."
PS: "Thanks for comming to the show. We had a great time together."


Anmerkung: Audio-Aufnahme vom Konzert dringend gesucht...!

Link: Tiroler Tageszeitung, 24./25. 8. 2002, Zwichen Rebellion und Poesie, Interview in German

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