Guida Introdutiva Ai Rolling Stones
Luis Troquel, Jose E. Garcia
© 1995, Editorial La Máscara, Italy, ISBN 84-7974-706-4

Rolling Stones in Music Joker
1976 - 1979
private Publication

Rolling Stones in Der Spiegel
eine Dokumentation
1965 - 1990
1. Auflage, September 1991
private Publication

Dreimal ist Bremer Recht
Ladies and Gentlemen
we proudly present:
The Rolling Stones in Bremen
Limited Edition, copy No. 26 / 30
© 1999 by Rolf Borutzky, Gerd Coordes and Bernd Mühl

The Rolling Stones
Die Geschichte einer Rock~Legende
von Philip Norman
© 1984 Philip Norman, Droemer Knaur, Germany, ISBN 3-426-26141-3

The Rolling Stones
Die Geschichte einer Rock~Legende
von Philip Norman
German edition 1987
© 1984 Philip Norman, Droemer Knaur, Germany, ISBN 3-426-26141-3

The Rolling Stones
Trivia Quiz Book
by Helen Rosenbaum
100 Quizzes, over 1001 Questions on the sensational rock group - their lives, songs, movies, and concerts
A Signet Book, New American Library
© 1979 by Helen Rosenbaum, ISBN 0-451-08669-4

Die Rolling Stones
Musik und Geschäft
Autorenkollektiv: Arno Böttger, Peter Lander, Norbert Molkenbur, Walter Zilka
© 1986 Edition Peters, Leipzig, German Democratic Republic, ISBN 3-369-00021-0

Beatles Gegenspieler Rolling Stones
Georg Diez
© 1999 Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH, ISBN 3-596-14469-8

Rolling Stones
Musik . Mythos . Macht
Geschichte und Geschichten zur dienstältesten Rockband der Welt
Heinz Bamberg
© 1999 Atlantis Musikbuch Verlag, ISBN 3-254-08379-2

The Rolling Stones
Der Tanz mit dem Teufel
Stanley Booth
including preface 1995 by the author for german edition
© 1984 by Stanley Booth, Dance With The Devil, Random House Inc., New York
© 1998 Hannibal Verlag, Austria, ISBN 3-85445-149-0

Stone Me!
The Ultimate Rolling Stones Quiz Book
Sean Smith and Dale Lawrence
facts, fun and over 1,000 questions
during their way on the road to Rolling Stones' shows, the authors thought about questions to relieve boredom on the road by asking each other. On their way home after the fabulous Wembley show 1995, stuck in serious traffic-jam, they decided to write these questions in a book.
Besides quiz, it is a short partial pocket history of the most important band of the century
© 1999 by Mainstream Publishing Company Ltd, ISBN 1 84018 084 6

The Rolling Stones
great compilation of articles by magazine "Rolling Stone"
© 1975 Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc.

Rolling Stones
An Unauthorized Biography In Words And Photographs
Edited by David Dalton
128 pages, lot of b/w photographs
© 1979 A Delilah / Putnam Book, New York, ISBN: 0-399-41005-8

The Stones
Hut ab vor The Stones
Die wichtigste Rock and Roll-Band der Welt
© 1999

The Rolling Stones
Text by Robert Palmer
Design by Mary Shanahan
A Rolling Stone Press Book
256 pages, lot of great photographs
© 1983 by Rolling Stone Press, ISBN: 0-385-27926-4

We Came To Rock Deutschland Like This
Documentation of german press to Bridges To Babylon Tour 1998
plus Vienna and Frauenfeld
edited by Axel Schumacher, 290 pages
© 1998 by Axel Schumacher

Muchtet Ihr Mitsingen ?
Documentation of german press to Voodoo Lounge Tour 1995
edited by Axel Schumacher, 196 pages
© 1995 by Axel Schumacher

German Jungle
Documentation of german press to Urban Jungle 1990
An Schumacher / Zentgraf project, 278 pages
© 1990 by Axel Schumacher

Die Stones Kommen !
Documentation of german press to 1982 Tour
edited by Axel Schumacher, 294 pages
© 1998 by Axel Schumacher

A Journey Through America With The Rolling Stones
by Robert Greenfield
© 1974 by Robert Greenfield
this edition by Helter Skelter Publishing 1997, ISBN 1-900924-01-3

Our Own Story By The Rolling Stones
As we told it to PETE GOODMAN
Illustrations by Bob Gibson
with 32 pages of original photographs
first - today hard to find - book on the Rolling Stones !
Bantam edition published March 1965 (US and Canada), HZ3041
© 1964 by Beat Publications Ltd

Let it bleed - Die Rolling Stones in Altamont
Berichte und Photos
Herausgegeben von Siegfried Schober
© 1970 Carl Hanser Verlag, München

Phelge's Stones
The Untold History of the Rolling Stones from Edith Grove and Beyond
by James Phelge
signed by the author
ISBN 0-9664338-0-7
© 1998 by Buncha Asshole Books

by Krüger
Over 80 full color paintings and caricatures of the Stones
ISBN 3-89082-505-2
© 1994 Edition C

Rolling Stones by Krüger
shorter edition then the above
ISBN 3-923102-45-3
© 1990 Edition Kunst der Comics

The Rolling Stones Over Germany
Schickt einen Fahrer mit langen Haaren
by Gerd Coordes and Wolfgang Thomas
264 pages about personal various experiences with the Stones in germany
ISBN 3-00-002394-1
© 1998 Verlag Maria Thomas, Siegen

Jump Up
The Rise Of The Rolling Stones
The First Ten Years 1963 - 1973
by Nigel Goodall
ISBN 1 898141 08 8
© 1995 Castle Communications Plc

In Eigenen Worten
David Dalton / Mick Farren (Hrsg.)
© 1980, 1985 and 1994 by Omnibus Press
© 1995 by Palmyra Verlag

The Rolling Stones Story
George Tremlett
© 1974 Futura Publications

Voodoo Lounge
by dave mckean
1995, Marvel Music, New York

Die Rolling Stones
Hans-Ulrich Prost, Gerd Röckl
Die härteste Rockgruppe der Welt
Mit kompletter Diskographie
© 1978, Bastei Lübbe, Germany, paperbook

Rock'n'Roll Comics
1989, Revolutionary Comics

Mythos - Legende - Phänomen
66 pages documentation
1998 Edition Steffan

Die Dokumentation
52 pages, 1995

Eurotour 90
Spaß in Köln Sonderausgabe
40 pages Cologne spezial issue

interaktiv; Win spezial 4/96
including Multimedia CD-Rom

Inside the Voodoo Lounge
Best of Guitar Player, USA 1995

Sympathy for the Devils
30 Jahre mit den Rolling Stones
Tony Sanchez / John Blake
Org: Up and Down with the Rolling Stones © 1991
Heyne Verlag

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