a short story by
Charles Bukowski
The Beat Journals Vol 2
This story originally appeared in the magazine CREEM in October 1975
It was subtitled "Wild Horse On A Plastic Phallus"
number 7 of 200 copies printed September 1995
copyright with Linda Bukowski
Beat Scene Press, Coventry

Erdachter Report über ein amerikanisches Pop-Festival
Tibor Déry
original: "Képzelt Riport Egy Amerikai Pop-Festiválról"
© 1971, Tibor Déry
© 1974, Verlag Volk und Welt, Berlin, German Democratic Republic

Karin Struck
novel in German language
page 314-316 one of the best analysis of a Stones concert as far known by the author
© 1977 by Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main
suhrkamp taschenbuch 567, 1981, ISBN 3-518-37067-7

Rainer und die Rolling Stones
Hans Peter von Peschke
© 1994 Aare Verlag, Germany, ISBN 3-7260-0427-0

Max, September 1991
Stones Exklusiv - Die Wahrheit
Bill Wyman exclusive 36 page article on the Rolling Stones

The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger
David Littlejohn
© 1977, paperbook New York

Die Rolling Stones
Pop Art Poem by Wolf Wondratscheck
signed by the author
Akzente, Zeitschrift für Literatur, 18. Jahrgang, Heft 3, Juni 1971
© 1971 Carl Hanser Verlag, München

The Rolling Stones
Robert A. Heinlein
Science Fiction Adventure
Has nothing to do with the group (!!), but is a funny curiosity for a Rolling Stones library
© 1952 by Robert A. Heinlein, ISBN 0-345-32451-X

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