The Rolling Stones
Georg Diez

© 2007 by Reclam, Stuttgart

Exile on Main St.
Ein höllischer Sommer mit den Rolling Stones

Robert Greenfield
© 2006 by Robert Greenfield
2007 German Version Berlin

Rolling Stones and the making of Let It Bleed
Sean Egan

© 2005 by Sean Egan
2005 Unanimous Ltd., London

Brian Jones
Alan Clayson

© 2003 by Alan Clayson
2003 Sanctuary, London

Charlie Watts
Alan Clayson

© 2004 by Alan Clayson
2004 Sanctuary, London; ISBN: 1-86074-581-4

Keith Richards
Alan Clayson

© 2004 by Alan Clayson
2004 Sanctuary, London; ISBN: 1-86074-590-3

Mick Jagger - The Unauthorised Biography
by Alan Clayson
© 2005 Alyan Clayson
2005 Sanctuary, London

The secret life of Mick Jagger
by Laura Jackson
© 1999 by Laura Jackson, Published in Great Britain in 1999 by Blake Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-85782-322-2

Mick Jagger - Everybody's Lucifer
by Tony Scaduto
© 1974 Tony Scaduto
1975 Berkley Medallion Edition

Mick Jagger - Die nichtautorisierte Biographie
by Christopher P. Andersen
© 1993 Christopher P. Andersen
1993 Heyne Verlag, München

Mick Jagger und die Stones
by Robert Palmer
© 1983 by Rolling Stone Press

1998 Ravensburger Buchverlag, German edition

Mick Jagger und die Rolling Stones
by Willi Winkler
© 2002 by Rowohlt Verlag GmbH, Reinbeck bei Hamburg

Heart Of Stone
The Unauthorized Life of Mick Jagger
by Laura Jackson
© 1997 by Laura Jackson, Published in Great Britain in 1998 by Blake Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-85782-213-7

Mick Jagger
The Story Behind the Rolling Stone
by Davin Seay
© 1993 by Davin Seay, A Birch Lane Press Book, ISBN 1-55972-192-8

MJ 52
special release for Mick Jagger's 52nd birthday
edited by Axel Schumacher, ca 100 pages
reprint 1998
© 1995 by Axel Schumacher

Mick Jagger
The Singer, Not the Song
J. Marks
© 1974, Abakus, paperbook

Mick Jagger - Primitive Cool
Christopher Sandford © 1993, 1994
Victor Gollancz London, ISBN: 0-575-05749-1

Mick Jagger - Sein Leben und seine Musik
Christopher Sandford © 1993 1994
German Version of above

Mick Jagger in Performance
A story of violence and sadism...a sensational film
William Hughes © 1970 Tandem, London

mick jagger
by Anthony Scaduto
Special overseas edition published in 1975
© 1974 Mayflower

The Authoritative New Biography
by Carey Schofield
© 1983 Carey Schofield
© 1984 Futura edition, ISBN 0 7088 2615 6

Mick Jagger In His Own Words
Compiled by Miles
A Delilah / Putnam Book
© 1982 by Omnibus Press, New York, ISBN 0-399-41011-2

Keith Richards und die Rolling Stones
Barbara Charone, Fischer Verlag 1985

Keith Richards - In his own words
Mick St. Michael © 1994
Omnibus Press, London

Keith Richards
Die Biographie des legendären Gitarristen der Rolling Stones
by Victor Bockris
© 1992 by Victor Bokris
Germany 1993, ISBN 3-453-07125-5

Keith Richards - The Biography
by Victor Bockris
© 1992 by Victor Bokris
Da Capo Press, New York, ISBN 0-306-80815-3

Keith Richards 56
special release for Keith Richards' 56th birthday
edited by Axel Schumacher, ca 250 pages
first edition 30 copies
© 1999 by Axel Schumacher Production

rock on wood
the origin of a rock & roll face
ronnie wood
by Terry Rawlings
© 1999 Terry Rawlings
First published 1999 by Boxtree, London, ISBN 0 7522 1164 1

Brian Jones - The Life And Death Of A Rolling Stone
Part 26 of "Scandal - Inside Stories of Power, Intrigue and Corruption"
1991, Orbis Publishing Ltd, UK

Paint it Black
The Murder of Brian Jones
Geoffrey Giuliano
© 1994, Virgin Books

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