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Why I make!

I collect Rolling Stones records for many years now. By use of the web, other people can virtually visit my collection. You can search for records that exist, compare etc.
I think that is a cool idea.

It is no goal for me to get the "biggest" collection, I am many miles far away from that. I am very happy with those records and books that I have, and I don't know when I will buy another record.

What is the profit?

There is no profit for in commercial sense.
Sometimes I receive nice emails - Thank You!

Please note that there is no advertising on I consider this place somehow as a small virtual exhibition. Since 1996 I name this place "The Rolling Stones Exhibition".

Is there a chance for a copy?

NO! I do not sell anything, and I do not trade!

Can you tell me the value of a record?

NO! I do not answer any emails concerning the value of records!
BTW, I really have no idea about current record prices.

Can you tell me where to buy records?

Mostly you can buy records in your local record-store, your local bookstore should be able to order books.

Do you publish about the Rolling Stones?

Sometimes when people from press ask me to publish.
I wrote many articles (in German language) about the Rolling Stones in newspapers and magazines, advised for TV-documentaries and advised for the Austrian stamp of the Rolling Stones.

I do not like:

I made all scans and photos on by myself. Please scan your own records for your website and of course do not "hotlink", which is theft of my bandwidth.

I like:

If someone wants to share infos, memories, photos etc. from Rolling Stones concerts in Austria (other places as well).
BTW, maybe you want to share cultural photos (no Stones, my other website from your region?

The history of

"The Rolling Stones Exhibition" went online in the year 1996. The domain-name "" came im June 2000.
During autumn 2007 new webdesign.


Wolfgang Morscher, Innsbruck, Austria, October 2007