Miss You
1978, Atlantic DSKO 119
Promotional Copy
tounge - stamped cover

Miss You
b/w Far Away Eyes
Special Disco Version
1978, Atlantic DK 4609

Miss You
b/w Far Away Eyes
on pink vinyl
1978, EMI 2802

Te Extraño - Miss You
Mirada Lejana - Faraway Eyes
1978, EMI Mexico 8189 Z

If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt.2)
Dance (Innstrumental)
Promotional Copy
1981, Rolling Stones Records, DMD 253

Time is on my side - LIVE
1982, EMI records 12 RSR 111
cool backside photo and details

Undercover Of The Night
Special Dance Remix
Promotional Copy
1983, Promotone DMD 685

Undercover Of The Night
Extended Cheeky Mix
1983, Promotone 12RSR113

Undercover Of The Night
Special Dance Remix
promotional copy
1983, Atlantic records DMD 685

Too Much Blood
Special Disco Version
1983, Atlantic 0-96902

Winning Ugly
1986, CBS records Canada 12CXP-7191

Harlem Shuffle
1986, CBS A 12.6864
for audio click here

Mixed Emotions
Chris Kimsey's 12"
Fancyman Blues
1989, CBS 655193 8

Almost Hear You Sigh
Break The Spell
Continental Drift
1989, CBS 655981 6

Rock And A Hard Place (Dance Mix)
Cook Cook Blues
Rock And A Hard Place (Oh-Oh Hard Dub Mix)
1989, CBS 655422 6

Almost Hear You Sigh
Beast Of Burdon
Fool To Cry
1990, CBS 656065 6

sad sad sad
blinded by love
too much blood (main vocal)
1990, Musidor / CBS 656197 6

1991, Sony Music 657334 6

Full Length Version
7 Inch Version
I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live)
Play With Fire (Live)
1991, Musidor / Sony 656756 8

Full Length Version
2000 Light Years From Home (Live)
Sympathy For The Devil (Live)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live at Wembley Stadium July 1990)
1991, Musidor / Sony 656756 6

Ruby Tuesday (Live)
Play With Fire (Live)
You Can't Always Get What You Want (Live)
Rock And A Hard Place (Live)
1991, Musidor / Sony 656892 6

Love Is Strong
Teddy Riley Extended Remix
Teddy Riley Ext. Rock Remix
Teddy Riley Dub Remix
Joe The Butcher Club Remix
Album Version
Teddy Riley Instrumental
1994, Virgin 7243 8 38446 1

You Got Me Rocking
The Paul Oakenfold Remixes
A1. Perfecto Mix
AA1. Sexy Disco Dub Mix
AAA2. Trance Mix
Promo use only
Produced by Don Was & The Glimmer Twins
1994, Promotone B.V., UK, VSTDJ 1518

You Got Me Rocking
Perfecto Mix
Sexy Disco Dub Mix
Trance Mix
1994, Virgin 7243 8 92632 6 8

Anybody Seen My Baby
Armand Van Helden Rolling Steelo Mix
Soul Solution Vocal Dub
Casanova New Vocal Mix
For Promotional Use Only
1997, Virgin SPRO-12746

Saint Of Me
Deep Dish Club Mix
Deep Dish Grunge Dub
Todd Terry Extended Remix
Anyway You Look At It
1998, Virgin 7243 8 38626 1

Saint Of Me
2 x 12"
1998, Virgin 7243 8 94884 6 3

Out Of Control
2 x 12", for Promo use only
1998, Virgin VSTDDJ 1700 Lc 3098

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