Reprise Records, New York, 6378

Side One:

I Can't Get No Nookie
Duke Of Earl
Cow Pie
I Am The Japanese Sandman (Rang Tang Ding Dong)
The Book Of Love

Side Two:

More Or Less Hudson's Bay Again
Season Of The Witch
Saturday Night At The Cow Palace

Record inlay sheet:
Wed., Oct. 8., 1969, San Francisco Chronicle

On The Town

Ralph J. Gleason

THE RECENT ISSUE of Rolling Stone, the rock
paper, has put-on review of "The Masked Ma-
rauders," supposedly a super special secret album
featuring Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and
others doing all sorts of far-out things, including
Dylan singing "Season of the Witch." It was intended
as a joke. That's right, son, a joke.
Well sir, everybody is taking it seriously and
not just young people, either. Allen Klein, the busi-
ness manager of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles
called and wanted to know where he could get one.
Albert Grossman, Dylan's manager, had his secre-
tary ring through and ask, and one of the local
KSAN disc jockies wanted to know when they were
going to get their copy. Al Kooper, listed in the re-
view as producing the date, refused to comment to a
reporter in New York, thus adding to the mystery.

And now, gentlemen, let me clue you in to a real
secret: amoung those attending the millionaires' con-
ference here recently were Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger
and John Lennon. Mama Cass waited outside for
them in car.
All in all it's a delightful bit of instant mytholo-
gy. There were so many give-away lines in the re-
view that it is simply incredible ANYONE believed
it. Recorded at a secret studio "in a small town near
the site of the original Hudson's Bay Colony in Can-
ada." Indeed !