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The Rolling Stones Story - Part 2
Single - Tracks And Rarities From The Decca-Period

© 1983, Polygram records 6.30125

More than 20 years THE ROLLING STONES remain the phenomenon of rock. Excellence in rock-music is no matter of age but a matter of quality and creativity. This has been proven continuously today by "The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band In The World" by filling huge sport arenas and by packing the biggest concert halls in the world to the last and least little place - and they prove it with each of their great and powerful songs of their latest record productions.
The Rolling Stones managed to adopt new influences and general musical developments and were able to alter and enhance their music without losing their characteristic archetypical Stones-style. This certainly was and still is, besides Mick's charisma, one of the reasons of their decades-long success. The Rolling Stones do not have lost, until today, a bit of their magic, their attractivity and their quality. They are rough and actual as ever ... just like the songs from their first and very successful wild years.
This box contains four albums with fifty different recordings from 1963 to 1970. On these four discs of this carefully edited box-set you'll find all those recordings of The Rolling Stones that did not appear on the twelve Decca albums which were originally issued in Germany: Singles (A and B-sides), rarity items, and some titles which appear here for the very first time on an album. You will also find recording information, dates and places, where and when the songs were issued for the first time. Further information is given on chart positions and a lot of interesting details. The last title The Rolling Stones had to deliver to Decca to fulfil their contractual obligations before they formed their own record company was "Schoolboy Blues" also known as "Cocksucker Blues". Unfortunately we could not include it in this collection due to legal circumstances. The same must be stated for a number of very good songs which were made from 1963 to 1970 and remain (officially) unreleased until today: for instance "Copy & Robbers", "Down In The Bottom", "Hi-Heel Sneakers", "Fanny Mae", "Key To The Highway", "English Summer" etc...
The recordings of this second ROLLING STONES box-set do not repeat any of the preceeding volume of twelve records "THE ROLLING STONES STORY (1)" (TELDEC/DECCA catalogue number 6.30120 - 12 LPs). This second set is an ideal supplement to the first volume. All of you having now both box-sets enjoy to posess the complete recording material that The Rolling Stones made for Decca Records or better all titles to which Decca/Teldec holds official release rights.

comment: the promised recording information and chart positions are NOT included...

Side A:
1. Stoned (*) 2'07
(Nanker, Phelge)
2. Come On I (**) 1'46
3. I Want To Be Loved II (**) 1'58
4. Poison Ivy II (***) 2'31
5. Fortune Teller II (****) 2'14
6. Money (That's What I Want) (***) 2'28
(Bradford/Gordy jr.)
7. Surprise, Surprise (A) 2'30

Side B:
8. Little Red Rooster (B) 3'03
9. TelI Me Baby, How Many Times (C) 1'54
10. Time Is On My Side I (A) (organ intro) 2'52
11. Congratulations (A) 2'27
12. I've Been Loving You Too Long II (D) 2'50
13. Da Doo Ron Ron (E) 2'20
14. Memphis Tennessee (E) 2'27

Side C:
15. We Want The Stones (F) 0'11
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (F) 0'34
l6. Pain In My Heart (F) 1'58
17. Route 66 (F) 2'30
18. I'm Moving On (F) 2'14
19. I'm Alright (F) 2'20
20. Everyhody Needs Somebody To Love I (G) 2'57
21. One More Try (D) 1'58

22. The Last Time II (H) 3'40
23. PIay With Fire II (H) 2'13
24. Satisfaction III (D) 3'45
25. The Spider And The Fly II (D) 3'36
26. Get Off Of My Cloud II (i) 2'51
27. The Singer Not The Song (i) 2'24

Side E:
28. As Tears Go By (J) 2'42
29. 19th Nervous Breakdown II (K) 3'56
30. Look What You've Done (C) 2'14
(McKinley MorganfieId)
31. Blue Turns To Grey (L) 2'32
32. Sad Day (K) 3'00
33. Con le mie Lacrime (M) 2'42

Side F:
34. Paint It Black III (N) 3'18
35. Long Long While (N) 3'00
36. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby Standing In The Shadow ? III (O) 2'30
37. Who's Driving Your Plane (O) 3'l3
38. Let's Spend The Night Together II (P) 3'36
39. Ruby Tuesday II (P) 3'l2

Side G:
4O. We Love You II (R) 4'18
4l. Dandelion (P) 3'28
42. Sittin' On A Fence (J) 3'02
43. Ride On Baby (J) 2'53
44. My Girl (J) 2'35

Side H:
45. Jumpin' Jack Flash III (S) 3'39
46. Child Of The Moon (T) 3'02
47. Honky Tonk Women IV (U) 3'01
48. You Can't AIways Get What You Want III (W) 4'53
49. Memo From Turner IV (W) 4'08
50. Natural Magic (Y) 1'37

Recording Information: (according to: Dieter Hoffmann, Das Rolling Stones Weissbuch, Germany 1991, page 152):

(*) Kingsway Studios, London, October 7, 1963.
(**) Olympic Sound Studios, London, May 10, 1963.
(***) Decca Studios, London early August 1963.
(****) Kingsway Studios, London, Nov. 14, 1963.
(A) Regent Sound & IBC Studios, London, May 1964.
(B) Chess Studios, Chicago Illinois, Nov. 5,6 & 8, 1964.
(C) Chess Studios, Chicago, IIlinois, June 10 & 11, 1964. - Track 9 taken from Bootleg!
(D) RCA Studios, Los Angeles, CA, May 12-13, 1965.
(E) Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra / The Rolling Stones studio session July-Sept. 1964.
(F) UK-Tour March 1965. Complete "Got Live If You Want It"-EP Recordings
(G) RCA Studios, Los Angeles, November 2, 1964.
(H) RCA Studios. Los Angeles, CA. January 17 & 18, 1965.
(i) RCA Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Sept 6 & 7, 1965.
(J) IBC Studios, London, Oct 26,1965.
(K) RCA Studios, Los Angeles, CA, early December, 1965.
(L) Kingsway Studios, London, Jan 11 & 12, 1965.
(M) IBC/Olympic Sound Studios, London, Spring 1966.
(N) RCA Studios, Los Angeles, CA, March 3 - 12, 1966.
(O) RCA Studios, Los Angeles, CA, August 3 - 12, 1966.
(P) Olympic Sound Studios, London, Nov. 10 - December 1966.
(R) Olympic Sound Studios, London, July 7 - 20, 1967.
(S) Olympic Sound Studios, London, March 15 - April 1968.
(T) Olympic Sound Studios, London, March 15 - mid May l968.
(U) Olympic Sound Studios, London, May - June 1969.
(W) Olympic Sound Studios, London, May 13 - mid June 1968.
(Y) Instrumental of "Performance"-Soundtrack and B-Side of the 1st Mick Jagger
Solo-Single "Memo From Turner" (Solo//Decca DL 25437 Dec. 1970) Orchestra conducted by Randy Newman.