Cover You: A Tribute To The Rolling Stones

the songs of the Rolling Stones

© 1998, Universal Music Special Markets, Inc.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards may not be immediately thought of as one of the great songwriting teams of the modern era, but in reality, the duo have written some of the most expressive and thoroughly engaging songs of the past 30-years-plus, and are still going strong today.

Starting as interpreters of Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, James Brown, Slim Harpo, and Buddy Holly (Buddy's "Not Fade Away" was their first American charting single), they guickly merged these sensibilities into a fresh point of view that encompassed tough rockers with punkish lyrics like "Satisfaction" and "Under My Thumb", melodic romantic ballads a la "As Tears Go By" and "Lady Jane", country tunes like "Dead Flowers" and the proletarian "Factory Girl". Their songs magically mixed rock, blues, country, R&B, psychedelia and pop (what influence did "Honky Tonk Women" leave out?), and were infused with an intellect and urgency whatever the subject - the devil, a philosophy of life or last night's girlfriend. And no matter the genre or current musical trends, the Stones fashioned strong material that fit right in. Disco comes along, and Mick and Keith spin out "Miss You", nothing less then a terrific dance song.

This compilation is a tribute to this pairs songwriting genius, and within its confines you can hear the full expressive range of their material. Country's Steve Earle and the great Johnny Cash cut into "Dead Flowers" and "No Expectations," while the Queens of Soul Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner funkify "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and "Under My Thumb". Blues harp man Sugar blue, who played on the Stones' orginal version. jazzes-up "Miss You," while fellow blues-inspired rockers Johnny Winter and Detroit with Mitch Ryder roar through killer versions of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and "Gimme Shelter".

By wearing their influences on their sleeves, Mick and Keith have created a songbook as flexible as it is large. Their songs have been hits on the R&B, Pop, Modern Rock, Dance and Country charts by everyone from Linda Ronstadt and Marianne Faithfull to Otis Redding, and one cannot forget that Devo cut on instantly memorable "Satisfaction" on their debut album. For that matter the Stones recent tour spurred two collections of new interpretations of their songs, one by current blues artists and one by current country artists, and both new albums charted on their respective genre's album charts.

There is simply a unique and quite recognizable power in a Jagger-Richards song that can't be denied. Their songs have also passed the most difficult test of all - time - and we hope you enjoy this special tribute to the Stones and their songs
- Andy McKaie

1. Otis Redding - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Produced Under License from Atlantic Recording Corp.
2. Linda Ronstadt - Tumbling Dice
Ä 1978 Elektra Entertainment.
3. Jason & The Scorchers - 19th Nervous Breakdown
Ä 1986 EMI Records USA Courtesy EMI Records USA
4. Johnny Cash - No Expectations
© 1978 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
5. Little Richard - Brown Sugar
Produced Under License From Warner Bros. Records Inc.
6. Leon Russell - Wild Horses
© 1973 Shelter Records
7. Ike & Tina Turner - Under My Thumb
Courtesy EMI Records USA.
8. Aretha Franklin - You Can't Always Get What You Want
P 1981 Arista Records, Inc.
9. Charlie Sexton with Ron Wood - It's Not Easy
P 1984 MCA Records
10. Sugar Blue - Miss You
© 1994 Aligator Records
11. The Searchers - Take It Or Leave It
From Castle Communications Copyrights Ltd.
12. Detroit with Mitch Ryder - Gimme Shelter
13. Steve EarIe and The Dukes - Dead Flowers (live)
© MCA records, Inc.
14. Johnny Winter - Jumpin' Jack Flash (live)
Under License From Sony Music Special Products
All songs written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards