Welcome Back To Vienna
CD, Hot Lips Records, HLR-RS 0012

Bern '73
2nd show
Trash in the Seventies, TRASH-05

Are You Ready ...... Copenhagen
Recorded live in Copenhagen October 7, 1973
CD, A.Y.R. 13.38.17

Brussels Affair 1973
Recorded on the Rolling Stones 1973 European Tour at Forest National, Brussels, Oct. 17
one of the most bootlegged Stones shows. Excellent sound quality, as this show was recorded and aired by the American 'King Biscuit Flower Hour' programme, remixed by Mick Jagger. This record has a few tracks from other shows to make up a full tour set.
CD: Chamelion Records CHAM 8812
2 LP: Vinyl Virus, VV LP 010 A-B-C-D
Tracklisting and details

Birmingham Odeon 1973
CD, Oh Boy 1-9168
Tracklisting and details

100 Years Ago
Live in Vienna, Austria
Stadthalle, September 1st, 1973
(1st show of the European Tour 1973)
LP, Kam Loon & Mig Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Nasty Music
LP, recorded live
some remastered versions from various concerts from the '73 tour

A Box Lunch And Meat Whistle
Live in Concert
recorded live in London, Wembley, Empire Pool, September 9, 1973
and live in Bruxelles, Belgium, Foret Nationale, October 17, 1973
LP, TAKRL, 1941

The Boys At The Alamo Story
from various concerts from the '73 tour
not recorded live in Aarhus, Denmark, 1973 as printed on cover
Musichien sarl Luxembourg

Recorded live in London, November 1973
2 LP, Flashback Records, Flash 04.90.0118-33

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