Tiroler Tageszeitung, Tuesday, September 25, 1973

Once upon a time, there were the progressive Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger's show vs. the statistical role of the other four. A one million Schilling deal

  Influenced by high-cost promotion, one would expect another comeback from the faltering Rolling Stones. However, what the 8,500 paying fans in Innsbruck's Olympic Stadium were offered was nothing more than Mick Jagger's personal show. Much to the dismay of the fans, even this meager offering was limited to barely 45 minutes. Compared to Billy Preston's opening act, their appearance on stage seemed to be little more than snide remarks by the whole group, from Jagger's transvestite-like face to the jeweled remaining Stones. I am of course referring to the four other band members who might as well be sitting in the nose-bleed seats, they are so worthless on stage. No one would be missed - Charlie Watts sits behind his drums like a serious businessman behind his desk, a pillar of salt is a good comparison for Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman is like a little lost lamb, and Keith Richards, who has looked like he is half asleep for the last ten years, barely managed to move his legs in the short time that he surfaced in the limelight.
The Rolling Stones' progressivness has seen its final days. Apparently this is no secret to lead singer Mick Jagger, since he has beefed up the entertainment aspect of the show. Not a bad idea, when "you can't always get what you want" - Innsbruck being the perfect example.
Neither fans nor tour-managers were satisfied with the show. 800 standing-room-only seats were left empty, and one million Schillings was the final number when the accountants closed their books. Management and stadium administration were compensated for the lack of sales, however, in that not a single window or piece of equipment was in the least bit damaged. The 38 crowd-control police and Stones-security crew were also left twiddling their thumbs--it was a calm night in Innsbruck.

Picture Caption: The enthusiams was held in check. Only a few - mostly Italian fans - let their tempers get out of control.

The light show left the best impression at the Innsbruck Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium) on Sunday evening. As you can see in the picture, the Stones were mostly seen as part of their role as lighting objects.