Neue Tiroler Zeitung, Tuesday, September 25, 1973

Lords of the 8000

The Rolling Stones in the Olympic Stadium

 Billy Prestons, playing good ol' soul and rock, warmed up the crowd. With piano, electric keyboards, synthesizer, organ, and drums the four black artists did their job of setting the mood.
and snapping his belt on the floor. As would be expected, all of this is perfectly highlighted by an amazing light show.
  The other band members--drummer Charlie Watts, Billy Wyman on bass, and the two
 The "Stones" kicked off the show with "Brown Sugar" and "Gimme Shelter." Bathed in a flood of colored lights, Mick Jagger dances with his microphone, then struts almost impudently across the stage, yet still remaining sovereign over the masses. Casually, he leans over a speaker and, enjoying the dramatic tension, waits for the fans to swell with excitement, then drives them wild as he disappears into a cloud of smoke while singing "Midnight Rambler," contorting his body guitarists, Keith Richards and Mick Taylor--hang back and let Jagger work his magic. Then every so often a blazing spotlight pulls Taylor or Richards out of the shadows for a solo jam.
  As the show comes to a close with "Street Fighting Man," Mick Jagger's "thank yous" cue the house lights to come up, turning away any further plea for an encore.