December 12th

Today's Song: Star Star

December 12th, 1962: concert at Sidcup Art College, Sidcup, Kent (without Bill and Charlie)
December 12th, 1963: concert at Locarno Ballroom, Liverpool, Lancashire
December 12th, 1968: "Rock and Roll Circus"
December 12th, 1974: Mick Taylor officially leaves the band
December 12th, 1985: Ian Stewart, sixt Stone, keyboarder, roadmanager and best friend of the group, dies from heart attack at the age of 47
December 12th, 1997: concert at TWA Dome, St. Louis. The concert was live on pay-TV. The cybervote system had strange behaviour this day. Some hours before the show, the system hangs for about 10 minutes and after this, "Waiting On A Friend" leads. Before this, "Star Star" was leading escaped by "She's A Rainbow" and "Star Star". After the concert, the band rushes for holidays

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