November 13th

Today's Song: Fingerprint File

November 13th, 1963: concert at City Hall, Sheffield, Yorkshire
November 13th, 1964: "Little Red Rooster" is released in the UK
concert in Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio
November 13th, 1965: afternoon show at Coliseum, Washington, DC
evening show at Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland
November 13th, 1969: concert at Moody Coliseum, Dallas, Texas
November 13th, 1981: concert at Madison Square Garden, New York
November 13th, 1987: Ron Wood / Bo Diddley play at The Living Room, Providence, Rhode Island
November 13th, 1989: "Rock And A Hard Place" is released in the UK
concert at Superdome, New Orleans, Louisianna
November 13th, 1994: concert at Astro Dome, Houston

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