October 15th

Today's Song: State Of Shock

From Today's Album:

October 15th, 1963: two shows at Majestic Ballroom, ingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire
October 15th, 1965: two shows at Regal Theatre, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
October 15th, 1973: two shows at Sport Palais, Antwerpen, Belgium
October 15th, 1981: concert at The Kingdome, Seattle, Washington
October 15th, 1986: Chuck Berry concert concert for the Taylor Hackford film "Hail! Hail! Rock'n Roll" with Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and others. Keith is musical director
October 15th, 1988: Mick plays at International Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Australia during his solo tour. This concert has been recorded on the bootleg-CD "State of Shock", which claims to be recorded in Sydney this date. Please mail exact place !
October 15th, 1994: second concert at MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas
Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings play at the Forum, London

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