October 10th

Today's Song: Out Of Tears

October 10th, 1963: two shows at Gaumont Theatre, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
October 10th, 1964: two shows at Odeon Theatre, Southend, Essex
October 10th, 1965: two shows at Empire Theatre, Liverpool, Lancashire
October 10th, 1973: concert at the Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
October 10th, 1988: Mick Jagger plays at Burswood Superdome, Perth, Western Australia
October 10th, 1989: concert at Shea Stadium, New York City
October 10th, 1994: concert at Superdome, New Orleans. The bootleg double-CD "The show must roll on" is a recording of the complete show.
October 10th, 1997: concert at Ericsson Stadium, Charlotte, NC
Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings play in Hamburg, Germany, promoting their new album, "Struttin Our Stuff"

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