October 7th

Today's Song: Beast Of Burdon

October 7th, 1965: two shows at City Hall, Newcastle, Northumberland
October 7th, 1966: two shows at Colston Hall, Bristol, Gloucestershire
October 7th, 1970: "Ned Kelly" starring Mick Jagger released
concert at the Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
October 7th, 1973: two shows at Brandby Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
October 7th, 1978: the Stones play for US-TV show "Saturday Night Live". This concert can be found on several bootlegs, like the above "Saturday Night Live"
October 7th, 1981: concert at Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, California
October 7th, 1988: Mick Jagger plays at International Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Australia
October 7th, 1989: concert at Cyclone Field, Ames, Iowa

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