October 3rd

Today's Song: Take It So Hard

From Today's Album:

October 3rd, 1963: two shows at Odeon Theatre, Southend, Essex
October 3rd, 1964: two shows at Regal Theatre, Edmonton, London
October 3rd, 1965: two shows at Odeon Theatre, Manchester, Lancashire
October 3rd, 1968: the Stones have lost their fight to keep a photograph of a lavatory wall on the sleeve of their new LP. Their dispute with Britain's Decca Records has held up the LP "Beggars Banquet" for more than three months. The Rolling Stones refused to change the sleeve, record chiefs said they would not issue the record in it. Jagger: "I don't find it at all offensive. Decca has put out a sleeve showing an atom bomb exploding. I find that more upsettig."
October 3rd, 1970: concert at the Palais des Sports, Lyon
October 3rd, 1981: concert at Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado
October 3rd, 1988*: Keith's first solo album "Talk Is Cheap" is realised
October 3rd, 1989: concert at the Sullivan, Boston, Massachusetts

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