August 18th

Today's Song: Hang Fire

August 18th, 1963: concert at Studio 51, Ken Colyer Club, London
concert at Crawdaddy Club, Athletic Ground, Richmond, Surrey
August 18th, 1964: Channel Islands tour; concert at St Georges Hall, New Theatre Ballroom, Guernsey
August 18th, 1967: "We Love You" released
August 18th, 1969: Mick shot in the hand accidently on "Ned Kelly"-set while handling a gun
August 18th, 1981: the album "Tattoo You" is released
August 18th, 1990: concert in Strahov Stadion, Prague
August 18th, 1997: At the Brooklin Bridge, New York, the Stones held the press conference announcing the Bridges To Babylon tour and album

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