July 26th

Today's Song: Midnight Rambler

From Today's Album:

July 26th, 1943: Michael Philip Jagger born in Dartford, Kent, England
July 26th, 1963: last concert at Ricky Tick Club, Star and Garter Pub, Windsor
July 26th, 1964: two shows at De Montford Hall, Leicester, Leicestershire
July 26th, 1965: concert Leicester, Leicestershire
July 26th, 1966: concert in San Francisco, California
July 26th, 1972: concert at Madison Square Garden, New York City. This concert was later published as the famous "Welcome To New York" bootleg
July 26th, 1974: "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" is released in the UK
July 26th, 1975: concert at University Assembly Center, Bloomington, Indiana
July 26th, 1978: concert at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA.
July 26th, 1990: concert at Flamenio, Rome, Italy
July 26th, 1998: the second concert at Paris, France is cancelled

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