July 21st

Today's Song: Dead Flowers

July 21st, 1963: concert at Studio 51, Ken Coyler Club, London
concert at Crawdaddy Club, Athletic Ground, Richmond, Surrey
July 21st, 1966: concert at Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon
July 21st, 1972: concert at Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This concert was realised on the bootleg double-LP "Philadelphia Special II"
July 21st, 1978: concert at Community Center, Tucson, Arizona
July 21st, 1990: concert at Maine Road, Manchester, UK
Jerry Hall appears as/with "Oh My God - What A Fabulous Room ?" at Roger Waters Berlin "The Wall" concert
July 21st, 1992: Charlie Watts Quintet plays in Park West, Chicago, Illinois

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