July 18th

Today's Song: Dance Little Sister

July 18th, 1938: Ian Stewart born (died December 12, 1985)
July 18th, 1964: concert at Beat City Club, London
July 18th, 1965*: in Austria and Germany the 10" LP "Beat Beat Beat" is released for a short time. Today this record is one of the more collectible records
two shows at Gaumont Theatre, Bournemouth, Hampshire
July 18th, 1972: concert at Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts
July 18th, 1975: concert at Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington
July 18th, 1978: concert at Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas
July 18th, 1990: concert at St.James Park, Newcastle, UK
July 18th, 1998: concert at Balaidos in Vigo, Spain

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