July 1st

Today's Song: Love Is Strong

July 1st, 1963: concert at Studio 51, Ken Coyler Club, London
July 1st, 1966: concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey
July 1st, 1967: "Who Breaks A Butterfly On A Wheel ?" is the lead editorial of The London Times.
July 1st, 1975: concert in Capital Center Arena, Largo, Maryland
July 1st, 1978: concert at Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio
July 1st, 1982: concert in Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany. 15,200 attend.
July 1st, 1995: second concert at Longchamps, Paris, France
July 1st, 1998: second concert at ArenA, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This concert is sold out for more than half a year.

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