June 22nd

Today's Song: Ruthless People

June 22nd, 1963: concert at Wooden Bridge Hotel, Guildford, Surrey
June 22nd, 1964: two shows at Magdalen College, Oxford, Oxfordshire
June 22nd, 1972: concert at Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Kansas
June 22nd, 1975: concert at Madison Square Garden, New York City
June 22nd, 1976: concert in Zagreb, Yougoslavia
June 22nd, 1978: concert in Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
June 22nd, 1986*: The title song "Ruthless People" for the Bette Midler/Danny De Vito film is released
June 22nd, 1988: Ron Wood / Bo Diddley play at Woody's On the Beach, Miami, Florida
June 22nd, 1990: concert at Parc des Princes, Paris, France
June 22nd, 1995: concert in Hannover, Germany

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