June 20th

Today's Song: Slipping Away

June 20th, 1963: concert at Scene Club, London
June 20th, 1964: two shows at Carnegie Hall, New York
June 20th, 1972: concert at International Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois
June 20th, 1980: "Emotional Rescue" is released in the UK
June 20th, 1982: concert at Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden
June 20th, 1990: concert at Velodrom, Marseille, France
June 20th, 1995: concert at Mungersdorfer Stadium, Cologne, Germany. The bootleg double-CD "Surprise...It's Cologne" is recorded there.
June 20th, 1998: concert at Festival site, Werchter, Belgium

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