June 11th

Today's Song: Stewed And Keefed

June 11th, 1964*: the bootleg-CD "Chess Chicago Outtakes 1964" brings some outtakes from the short recording sessions june 10th - june 11th.
June 11th, 1972: concert at Inglewood Forum. Los Angeles, California
June 11th, 1975: concert at Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts
June 11th, 1976: concert at Plaza de Totros Monumental, Barcelona, Spain
June 11th, 1982: Second concert at the Olympic Stadium, Munich. All 50.000 fans stay in spite of pouring rain. Even in December 1997 the german magazine "musikexpress sounds" remembers in the article "The 100 Heroes of Rock" Keith Richards playing near the fans on the stage, wet as they are, while Mick Jagger sings under the shelter of the stage.
June 11th, 1995: concert at Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark
June 11th, 1999: concert at Wembley Stadium, London, England. This concert was scheduled for summer 1998 but had to be postponed to 1999 due to fiscal reasons.

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