June 7th

Today's Song: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

From Today's Album:

June 7th, 1963: "Come On / I Want To Be Loved", first Single is released in the UK
concert at Wooden Bridge Hotel, Guildford, Surrey
June 7th, 1964: two shows at State Fair, San Antonio, Texas
June 7th, 1969: Keith and Anita Pallenberg were in a car crash. Anita broke her collar bone and was taken to hospital in Chichester before being allowed home to Redlands. The car was a write-off. No other vehicles were involved.
June 7th, 1976: concert at Pavilion de Paris, Paris, France
June 7th, 1980: Decca germany releases the LP "Collector's Only", which contains rare material. The album is based on the same compilation released in France "Livre des Rolling Stones".
June 7th, 1982: concert at Niedersachsenstadion, Hannover, Germany
June 7th, 1998: the concert at Maimarkt, Mannheim, Germany has to be postponed to September 12th 1998 due to Keith's injury

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