May 24th

Today's Song: Baby Please Don't Go

May 24th, 1963: concert at Ricky Tick Club, Star and Garter Pub, Windsor, Berkshire
May 24th, 1964: two shows at The Theatre, Coventry, Warwickshire
May 24th, 1968: "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is released in the UK
May 24th, 1985: the album "Willie And The Poor Boys" is released on Bill Wyman's own label, Ripple records. Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Andy Fairweather Low, Ray Cooder, Jimmy Page, Chris Rea and others play on this quite fresh album
May 24th, 1990: concert in Hannover, Germany
May 24th, 1998: the concert in Munich, Germany has to be postponed to July 13th due to Keith's injury

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