January 11th

Today's Song: As Tears Go By

From Today's album:

January 11th, 1963: concert at Ricky Tick Club, Windsor, Berkshire
January 11th, 1964: concert at The Baths, Epsom, Surrey
January 11th, 1982: even the former German Democratic Republic releases this day an "official" Rolling Stones LP on the governmental Amiga-label, the comments on the backside are very negative about the band.
January 10th, 1998: the concert in Montreal, Canada is cancelled, due to extreme difficulties related to the terrible weather situation. Worst winter storms, ice rain, terrible traffic situation and closed airport made it inpossible even for a lot of fans to come to the concert. The show is rescheduld to two shows in Molson Center, Montreal, April 19, 20th 1998

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