January 4th

Today's Song: Con Le Mie Lacrime

From Today's Album:

January 4th, 1964: Concert in Town Hall, Oxford, Oxfordshire
January 4th, 1968: University of California in Los Angeles is insisting that students taking a degree in music must study the Rolling Stones. The music professor feels they have made an important contribution to modern music.
January 4th, 1969: Brian Jones has troubles during his vacancies in Ceylon because of his appearance
January 4th, 1971: Premiere of "Performance" in London
January 4th, 1973: Mick and Bianca are missed, later they appear in Managua
January 4th, 1998: BBC archivists have found more than 20 lost recordings from the early career of the Rolling Stones. The songs were recorded between October 1963 and September 1965

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